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Chinese New Year’s Eve Dim Sum

I’m in NOLA this week, and my heart is just so full of happiness. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.   Follow along on Twitter (@lephantieu), Instagram (@lovelephan), Snapchat (@lovelephan) to see my New Orleans experience!


This week was a big week for us. We celebrated Chinese New Year (Cheers to the year of the monkey!) in Chinatown. I had not been to Chinatown in about three years, which is so unfortunate. Although we’ve lived in Chicago for 5 years now, it still amazes me how large the city is and how easy it is to get stuck into a routine. Chinese New Year was the perfect excuse to head to Dim Sum with some of our favorite people!


There are many traditions that the Chinese follow during the New Year. It’s recently become important to me that I start to learn and follow these traditions.



  • New Years Eve: Reunion Dinner, a dinner that brings all family members back together for a big celebration. Normally a fish course is served along with dumplings.
  • All cleaning should be done prior to the new year, the Chinese are very superstitious and believe that cleaning on New Years day will sweep/clean away the good luck.
  • Do not wash your hair New Years Day, it is believed that if one washes his or her hair on NYD he/she will wash away the years good luck.  Well, I won’t be washing my hair for the next 5 days then (haha).
  • New clothes including pajamas and underwear: This was one of my favorite traditions as a kid! There was nothing more exciting than crawling into bed with new PJ’s knowing that I would wake up and it would be New Years Day!
  • Red Envelopes “Lai See”- These are lucky red envelopes given from married adults and elderly to children.   The money in the envelopes is believed to ward evil from children and keep them healthy!


Since S and I did not have the chance to fly back to New England to celebrate with family, we celebrated with a couple of our new Chicago family members.


Restaurant: MingHin Cuisine

Locations: 2168 S Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60616

The Dim Sum at MingHin was some of the best that I’ve had in Chicago.  The food was well seasoned and the ingredients tasted fresh.  I’m excited to return for dinner at some point.  Has anyone dinned there for dinner?  Veggie Rolls Taro Rolls Chicken Feet and Tripe


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